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Price includes the following:

Goodman 5 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner*Model # GSX140601

Goodman Evaporator coil

ONLY INCLUDES 1 of the following 2 evaporator coil models listed

(14 inch wide) *Model # CNPVP1814ALA

(17.5 inch wide/17 inch high) *Model # CNPVP1917ALA

*Removal of old refrigerant from existing equipment (Refrigerant recovery)

*Removal and haul away of old air conditioner and related debris

*Removal and haul away of old evaporator coil and related debris

*New 30x30 inch air conditioner pad

*Leveling ground for new 30x30 inch air conditioner pad

*Placement of New Goodman 5 Ton 14 SEER air conditioner on new 30x30 inch air conditioner pad 

*Copper refrigerant pipe connections right at the air conditioner and right at the evaporator coil using the existing lineset(refrigerant pipes). 

*R11 flush to clean out old refrigerant and oils out of the existing lineset 

*Copper refrigerant fittings needed to connect air conditioner and evaporator coil to existing lineset

*New black rubbatex insulation for suction pipe up to 6 feet at the air conditioner and up to 6 feet at the evaporator coil

*3/8 single direction filter drier

*Brazing by use of Oxy/Acetylene torch and low pressure nitrogen

*Nitrogen pressure test 

*Evacuation by use of vacuum pump 

*High and low voltage wiring connections at air conditioner

*Sheet metal duct transition at evaporator coil up to 1.5 feet in height only in accessible areas 

*Silver taping at the top and bottom of the evaporator coil

*Silver taping duct joints for new duct transition or box if required to make transition or box

*Condensate drain piping for the evaporator coil using 3/4 pvc pipe and fittings up to 10 feet(Does not include replacing condensing furnace drain systems) run to a floor drain or nearby sink or condensate pump(condensate pump is not included)

*Reconnecting flu pipe if disconnected 

*Open service valves

*Test A/C

*Add additional 410a refrigerant as needed to reach optimum subcooling and superheat levels

*Price includes Installation and labor cost

*Price does not include new thermostat or labor to replace thermostat* (please choose from our thermostats on our product page if you would like a new thermostat)

5 Ton 14 SEER Goodman Air Conditioner and Evaporator Coil

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