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Price includes:
*New AO Smith 74 gallon gas water heater Model # AFCG75L00L010000 plus installation 
*A new expansion tank (the expansion tank will be installed on the cold water inlet pipe in between the cold inlet shut off valve and the top of the water heater)   
*A new cold inlet brass 3/4 inch 1/4 turn shut off ball valve
*3/4 inch copper pipe (up to 10 feet) and 3/4 inch copper fittings (these fittings typically include 2 female adapters/1 for the cold inlet and 1 for the  hot outlet, a tee plus another female adapter for the expansion tank hook up, and 1 coupling for the hot water pipe connection).
*Price includes 4 inch flu pipe and fittings up to 8 feet in length plus installation
*Making gas pipe connections up to 3 feet from the water heater gas control valve
*Drain pan and installation (Pan is placed underneath the new water heater)
*3/4 inch pvc pipe and fittings (up to 10 feet) connected to the new drain pan and run to a nearby floor drain(if there is a floor drain in the same room or closet as the water heater, and if the floor drain is easily accessible and within 10 feet of the water heater) 

*Leak test with electronic gas detector

*Lighting the pilot for initial start up on the installation date

*Hot water

*Moving or disconnecting/reconnecting any obstructions(such as a washer, dryer, hvac unit, duct, etc) that would keep us from being able to remove the current water heater from the place it is in or the property 
*Moving or disconnecting/reconnecting any obstructions that would prevent us from being able to get the new water heater in the house and to the location the existing water heater is in
*Water heater replacements in attics or other comparably difficult to work areas ( noticeably more work than a regular water heater replacement)
*Jobs where we would have to bring the new water heater up more than 2 stories of stairs ( For an example this price would not cover a water heater replacement in a condo on the 3rd level or higher if an elevator is not available for your property)

AO Smith 74 Gallon Gas Proline

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